The following are explanations of how most Casino Nights will work and some additional ideas to help you decide what you would like to do.

A Casino "Vegas Style" evening would progress as follows:


At the end of the evening everyone would turn in their chips to a dealer to be counted. The dealer would then fill out an auction voucher, which is what your guest would use to bid on prizes. You would have to decide if people could combine chips and/or vouchers at the beginning of the evening. If you have both individials and couples attending, we suggest that they are NOT allowed to combine chip's or vouchers so everyone has a fair chance. You would also have to decide if once they bid on an item (prize), and win it, even if they did not use all their playmoney; can they bid again or are they done. We suggest that once someone wins an item, they can not bid on anymore; but, this is your choice.


Like the auction, everyone would turn in their chips to a dealer to be counted. They would receive 1 ticket for every $5,000. We always round up, so if someone has $5,300 they would get two tickets. They are a two part ticket, so one would go into the box to be drawn and the other would go to the player. So everyone has a chance at winning we suggest that everyone start out with one ticket, which can be handed out at the beginning of the evening. Another idea is to have everyone write their names on the backs of the tickets, that way they do not have to be present to win, again your choice.


Your to decide! Prizes will range in size and value depending upon your budget. You could use anything from plants, Christmas decorations, coolers, radios, tickets to an event, gift certificate or even TV's or trips, just to name a few. Another place you may be able to get prizes and help the budget would be from vendors that you buy from. Prizes can be wrapped so they don't know what they are getting "a blind auction" or the auctioneer can give a brief description of each item as it comes up for the drawing or auction.



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